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Transformation comes from small, consistent actions. Stephen and Sharlene, seasoned life coaches and counselors, have supported many on their paths to clearer, fulfilling lives.

Each podcast episode addresses real challenges, helping you edge closer to your true self. Discover ways to overcome financial issues, enrich relationships, and heal past wounds, with guidance rooted in faith.

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From Infertility to Inspiration: Finding Purpose and Healing Through Stories. Ep 1

In our first "Rewrite Your Story" episode, we, Stephen and Sharlene, open up about our struggle with infertility, its deep effect on us, and how we found our calling through it. We explore how telling our stories can heal and inspire. Prepare to be touched by our openness and motivated to change your own story.

Season 2: Unfolding New Chapters of Transformation

Toxic Positivity Debunked and How to Find Authentic Happiness | EP 48

Are you tired of feeling pressure to always be positive, even when life gets tough?

Transform Your Relationships in 90 Days with Marriage Coach Janelle Green | EP 47

Longing For a Deeper Connection With Your Partner?

Break the Cycle of Anger, Awaken Love and Healing with Paul Zolman | EP 46

Is Constant Negativity Risking Your Relationships?

From $50K in Debt to Millions in Assets with Real Estate Mentor Mathew Pezon | EP 45

Ever Been Curious About Investing in Real Estate?

How Embracing Death Brings Purpose to Your Life, with Stephen & Sharlene| EP 44

What if talking about death could help you live a more purpose driven life?

Finding Your Comedian Voice with Comedy Entrepreneur Leanne Linsky| EP 43

Wondered What It Takes to Make it As A Comedian?

Bringing a Stranger's Story to Life: Mark Jamilkowski| EP 42

Thinking About Finally Writing Your First Novel?

Surviving a Narcissist and Taking Back Your Life:

Dana Diaz| EP 41

Do You Know All the Red Flags of a Narcissistic Partner?

Breaking Procrastination: How to Leverage Pain and Pleasure Change| EP 40

How Often Do You Dream of Change But Fear Taking the First Step?

Reassembling a Shattered Life: Laura Mangum

Broome | EP 39

Ever Felt Like Life Just Keeps Piling It On Thick And You Can't Catch A Break?

Near-Death Experience Leads To Life Perspective Change:
Cyrus Rustom| EP 38

What does it take to rebuild your life after your world has been shattered by a catastrophic accident?

Victim to Champion: Nico Lagan's Radical Transformation | EP 37

What Does It Take to Rise From a Life of Drugs and Aimlessness to One of Success and Purpose?

9 Strategies to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals.

|Ep 36

You’re Eager to Change Aspects of Your Life But Unsure Where How to Start?

Season 1: Inspiring Chapters of Transformation

Becoming a Digital Nomad: Austin and Monica Mangelson| EP 35

Losing Weight Easily:

Renée Jones| EP 34

Life Outside The Military: Jason Pike| EP 33

Trauma in Relationships, Addiction, and Finances: Aasha La Count| EP 32

Finding Love Beyond Racial Barriers: Aisen Li| EP 31

Creating Your Ideal Life:
Liam Naden | EP 30

Master Your Finance:
Uroš Lovišček | EP 29

Triad Of Triumph:
George Siderias | EP 28

Living Vibrant:
Donna Tashijan |Ep 27

Creating A Legacy:
Judith Keys. | EP 26

Rise To Your Best Version: Zoe Thompson. | EP 25

Achieving Inner Success: Kevin Palmeri|Ep 24

The Power Of Generosity:

Bob DePasquale. | EP 23

The ADHD Entrepreneur’s Brain for Business Success:

ST Rappaport| EP 22

Walking the Firewalk of Life: Dave Albin|Ep 21

Live Life Radically:

Jamie Gantt. | EP 20

Life’s Playbook:

Bryan Charleau.| EP 19

Health Crisis to Holistic Success: Christine Michaelis.|Ep 18

Courageous Conversation on Mental Health:

Zane Landin. | EP 17

Overcoming Porn Addiction and Redefining Masculinity: J.K Emezi.| EP 16

Bringing Imagination and Creativity to Life:

Dr. Kathryn Vecchio|Ep 15

Living Authentically:

Lauren Jobson | EP 14

Nurturing Compassion: Margaret Skagias.| EP 14

A Journey of Reinvention: Brett Smith|Ep 12

Teen Mum to Entrepreneur: Kristin Adams | EP 11

From Busy Mum to Empowered Coach: Carrie Marie Vaughn.| EP 10

Reinventing Vitality:

David Lindsay|Ep 9

From Undercover Cop to Renovation Expert: Belinda Smith. | EP 8

Triumph Over Adversity - A Story of Resilience and Transformation:

Kelly Ferguson| EP 7

Rewriting through Death
and Grief:

Margaret Rice|Ep 6

Transforming Lives, A Journey of Empowerment and Fulfillment: Kim Wagner | EP 5

Reimagining Possibilities, Journey of Voiceover Success: Matthew Goodluck | EP 4

The Power of

Personal Branding:

Zahrina Robertson.|Ep 3

A Journey of Purpose

and Compassion:

Angela Reynolds | EP 2

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